Foxylocks Review – Clip In Hair Extensions

Foxylocks Review – Clip In Hair Extensions

foxylocks hair extensions review
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Review Summary:

Foxy Locks offers top class hair extensions of excellent quality at an affordable price as well as delivers to Malta. Their colour advice from their customer support agents however should not be taken as gospel.

This Foxylocks review is borne out of a personal quest to find a set of hair extensions online that would deliver to Malta to use on my wedding day. I spent so much time reading reviews and watching videos on you tube. I honestly had no idea what “clip hair extensions” were but I was sure that I didn’t want the permanent ones.

If you type in google “best clip in hair extensions” you will find thousands of brands, most of them from USA.  After reading a few blogs I realised that what I needed was to look for a good quality/price deal for hair extensions in human remy hair.

Remy hair means the best quality of human hair due to to the fact that the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped.

Best Clip in Hair Extension – Fast Delivery to Malta

What I needed was quality clip in hair extensions at a decent price with quick delivery to Malta.

I found this UK brand which had good reviews and promised two days delivery to Malta.

Buying clip in hair extension is definitely cheaper than getting permanent ones. First of all you can use them only when you feel like. This means that if you practice a lot of sport or you don’t want to wear them while you are studying or working, you don’t need to wear them.

This results in your clip in hair extensions lasting longer! You also don’t need to wash them as often as your natural hair, usually every 15-20 times you use them. Once again, they will last longer than those applied using  silicon/glue.

Foxylocks: Find your Colour and Length

Before deciding to buy my set, I checked all colours available. I even got help from their friendly customer support. However in the end I trusted myself more than their opinion regarding the perfect colour match and it turned out the right decision!

I bought the latest Ombre set, Honey Spice Ombre, 280gr 24 inch, the longest and fullest. I really suggest to watch few videos online to see what the colour really looks like because from the website it is not really clear.

You can choose different lengths, depending on your natural hair, if you have medium/short hair go for the shortest, otherwise it is not easy to blend them and get a natural effect.


I must admit that the set I got is the most expensive one. I had thick long hair, naturally Ombre, therefore I opted for the longest Ombre set which cost £185 (€250).  

Unfortunately delivery cost was not included but if you are willing to wait a couple of weeks it costs only €12.90. If you are as impatient as I was you can pay around 18 euros and you will get your set in a couple of days.

I couldn’t wait so I decided to pay those 5 euros extra!

Payment Methods

Foxylocks accept Visa, Master Card, Maestro, American Express credit cards, but also Pay Pal, which was my option when I ordered my set.


I ordered my set on Friday and received it on Monday. Before opening the full package by removing the security seal, you should try the two clips sample that you find at the bottom, into a separate pocket.

This way you can check if the colour matches, otherwise you can always return it. In case it doesn’t match, make sure not to open the main cardboard part of the package, otherwise you won’t be able to send it back.

The Set

The set contains 6 wefts:

One x 8″ wide with 4 clips

One x 6″ wide with 3 clips

Two x 5″ wide with 2 clips

Two x 4.5″ wide with 2 clips

This is even too much! The hair is so silky and thick that I used only three or four out of six.

Colour was perfect and it blended perfectly with my natural hair.

This 280 gram, 24 inch set is fantastic and so easy to wear. It might take a while to get used of wearing clip in hair extensions if you have never used them before, but after few times it will take less than two minutes for getting a full head of longer and thicker hair.

Wash your Foxylocks

You can wash your hair extension in the sink, using your usual shampoo and conditioner.

Foxylocks are 100% real human air so you need to take care of them as if they were your natural hair.

I prefer leaving them dry without using hair dryer, on a towel and not to brush them while they are still wet.

Style your Foxylocks

You can style your hair extension as you wish. You can straighten them, curl them, use all the products that you use on your natural hair. They might smell a little bit the first time that you use a curling iron or a hair straighter, but don’t worry it is normal and they won’t have any weird smell after washing them.  


Visit Foxylocks Now


Quick delivery
Hair Quality


Customer support was friendly but they couldn’t really advise me which colour was the best, three emails, three different colours suggested. They confused me and I decided to opt for the one I thought was the best match.

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